BUC Session 2021 - Home
At present we are still planning to hold the BUC Session on Thursday 8 and Friday 9 July 2021 at the Staverton Conference Centre in Daventry. We have booked the venue but we will need to see what happens with the COVID situation.
One of the main items of business that needs to be dealt with is the updating of the constitution. The current constitution was voted at the last BUC Session in 2016 but now needs to be updated to bring it in to line with UK charity law and the General Conference Model Union Constitution. Perhaps even more importantly, in the wake of COVID the proposed new constitution makes provision for attending future sessions by video confeence. Unfortunately though, due to the restrictions of the current constitution we can only vote to approve the new constitution at a physical meeting. If social distancing restrictions are in place in July we may need to find some other way of meeting physically to approve the constitution.
We have set up a separate website to look at the constitution, so please check it out. You'll find there is plenty to read!
We will be adding more information to this website as and when it becomes available.