Proposed New Missions Operating Policies

The Scottish and Welsh Missions are slightly different from the union and conferences in that they are not charities in their own right. Instead they are linked charities, having the same charity number at the BUC, but followed by a hypen and a number, indicating that they are part of the parent charity. At present the status of the Irish Mission is under review as it is now registered as a charity in the Republic of Ireland and is well on its way to becoming a conference.

Although the Scottish and Welsh missions do not have constitutions as such, they do have "operating policies" which are very similar. As with the constitutions, the General Conferences provides a model which is to be followed as closely as possible. To see how the process has been followed, check out the following links:

  1. GC Model Mission Operating Policy 2018-2019 (as printed).pdf
  2. Local Mission-Field-Section Model Operating Policy Amendments.pdf
  3. Model Mission Operating Policy (voted 2020).pdf
  4. Proposed New Missions Operating Policy (formatted) (draft 11).pdf
  5. Proposed New Missions Operating Policy (chart) (draft 11).pdf

To see how the missions operating policies fit in with the pattern of the union and conference constitution, have a look at the comparison chart (also available on the bottom menu).