Proposed New BUC Constitution
There are three ways to view the proposed new BUC Constitution on this site:

  1. Simple pdf formatted version, which is basically what we plan to submit to the Charity Commission, subject to three possible amendments at the Session.
  2. Simple interactive view. This reads like the formatted document, but is in html and includes links that you can click for further explanation. (pending update)
  3. Detailed working document with model comparison. This is the document that the BUC Constitution Committee have been working on. If you want to explore and understand this document please read the explanatory information below. (pending update)
The BUC Constitution Committee has worked on revising the old constitution during the second half of 2020. The object was to create a formatted version of the proposed new constitution, together with a working document which should help to explain the process. The working document is set out in chart form and basically consists of the General Conference Model Union Constitution side by side with the proposed new BUC Constitution, together with some explanatory notes in a third column. At the end of the document is an explanation of the structure of the proposed document.

Please note the additional points below:

  1. Structure. The General Conference Model Union Constitution follows the typical American structure for a constitution, with articles and bylaws. In the UK, charity constitutions do not usually have bylaws, they simply have a list of articles. This may be to avoid confusion with 'byelaws' (note the slightly different spelling), which, according to the UK Government website are 'local laws made by a local council under an enabling power contained in a public general act or a local act requiring something to be done - or not done - in a specified area. They are accompanied by some sanction or penalty for their non-observance.' However, the General Conference Model Mission Operating Policy, whilst similar to the Model Conference and Union Constitutions, is structured differently, and only has articles. So, in structuring the proposed new BUC Constitution we have gone with the content of the GC Model Union Constitution, but the structure of the GC Model Mission Operating Policy. A chart of how this has been done is at the bottom of the working document.

  2. GC Annual Council Amendments. General Conference Working Policy is updated every year at their Annual Council, which is usually held in October. In 2020 the revisions were quite substantial, making provision for electronic meetings in the wake of COVID-19. These revisions have been taken into account in producing the proposed new BUC constitution. You can see the 2020 Annual Council revisions here.

  3. Colour Coding. To help make the working document more readable, we will add some coloured highlights. What was originally bold in the GC Model Union Constitution will be highlighted in yellow. Changes to the bold (now yellow) sections of the GC Model Union Constitution will be highlighted in purple, and these will need to be approved by the General Conference before they can be presented at the BUC Session.